Making Money with lottery Online – Things To Avoid

There are a few reasons why you should avoid selling lotto tickets on the internet, particularly if you intend to make money from selling them.

I’m not going to list all of them here but here are a few:

  1. Online purchases are processed through an electronic device (e.g. a computer or smartphone) that you use for other activities so your credit card can be monitored. Since you are buying and selling lottery loto 188 tickets on-line you run the risk that your financial information may be shared with other nefarious people.
  2. The biggest risk is that if you get caught selling your lottery ticket you can lose a big amount of money that you may need to cover other debts. If you’re buying the tickets with a credit card and having them paid for by your credit card company then you can be issued a lot of nasty surprises.
  3. The more lottery tickets you buy, the greater chance you run of having a couple in the same week (if you buy them with the same card) and thus the more likely you are to win.


  1. If you’re selling winning tickets then you need to know how much you stand to make from them and if you’re going to need to take some cash from the lottery to make the money stretch.
  2. If you do win then you can be fined heavily for claiming the prize. And, most important, you can end up owing income taxes and penalties to the government if you claim the prize and spend it all in a day or two.
  3. If you do manage to buy a winning ticket on-line then you may not be able to claim the prize for several years. If you want to claim your loto 188 prize as quickly as possible you should buy your tickets off-line.
  4. There is always the risk that you will get caught and lose your bank account.
  5. If you are buying more than one ticket at a time then it is worth considering buying them from the same place as you buy your other lottery tickets.
  6. If you are buying tickets for a long period of time and if you get caught then you could be in trouble.
  7. If you do get caught then you will lose the money you have spent so far.
  8. You will be given an identity number for the lottery which you will have to provide to the lottery office if you win. You will also have to provide your address and telephone number for future correspondence with the lottery.